Core Collector Plow
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Core Collector Plow

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Product Description
The Nordic Plow Core Collector System allows you to remove aerated core plugs faster, cleaner, and safer than traditional methods – all of this using less man power! The patent-pending, rounded edge blade glides along the top of the green or tee box gathering the plugs as you go. The Nordic Plow currently attaches to your Toro ProCore 648 and 864 or your Deere Aercore 1000 and 1500 (more machines coming online soon!).

Shoveling core plugs by hand takes hours using a group of workers – core harvesters requires significant investment and heavy equipment on your greens – save time, manpower and money by having 1 person remove the core plugs from the greens while operating the ProCore or Aercore units with the Nordic Plow.

The Nordic Plow Core Collector comes with either the 49” or 64” blade section, 2 sand bags, end caps with support arms, and extended side fins - all pre-assembled. Simply attach 6 bolts and you’re ready to use. Depending upon your turf conditions, sand bags and additional weight may be required.
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