64” Tri-Deck Mower Plow
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64” Tri-Deck Mower Plow

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Product Description
The Nordic Plow's patent pending, lightweight, rounded edge design is the ultimate plow. The misconception of the plowing industry required a sharp cutting edge to plow material. Our company discovered that a rounded edge will get 100% of the material and does not disturb the ground being plowed.

• It won’t rust
• It won’t mark up your driveway
• It won’t tear up your grass
• It won’t tear up your paver bricks
• It will leave the gravel in your driveway
• It won’t break your back!
• It will save you time and money
Product Uses
This plow can be used at stadiums, universities and golf courses for the following:

• Clearing snow, slush and water from turf and/or tarps
• Smoothing and leveling outdoor volleyball courts and baseball infield and warning tracks
• Removing snow from paver brick walkways and sidewalks and cart paths
• Removing standing water from running tracks and fields
• Clearing aerated plugs from greens and turf and fairways
• Working in sand traps
Product Specs
Blade Length: 64”
Blade Height: 19 ½”
Weight: 38 lbs
Box: 27 x 20 ½” x 16
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