49" Golf Cart Straight Plow
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49" Golf Cart Straight Plow

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Product Description
The 49” or 64” Nordic Plow is perfect to attach to your golf cart – we fit all of the CLUB CAR and EZGO brands and soon the Yamaha brands. The patent pending, lightweight, rounded edge designed plow does not harm greens, fairways or tee boxes while clearing aerating plugs or other debris from the turf. The Nordic Plow will save significant time and money over traditional methods of clearing plugs. This rounded edge is also perfect to remove snow from gravel, shell or irregular cart paths. Landscape using this plow as well - great for pushing mulch, top soil, leveling waste bunkers and repairing sand traps.

Don’t think we forgot about the cool carts that have been tricked out! We have a version that fits the Lifted ones as well. Your suspension and battery life will be greatly enhanced compared to the heavy steel blades due to the lightweight design. You can use either a hand strap (provided) to lift the blade or use a winch if your cart is so equipped.

Club Car - The optional Lift Kit will fit all Club Car models made since 1982.
EZGO - EZGO has used 4 different types of front end axles on their various models over the years. The optional Lift Kit will work for each type using slightly different configurations of our parts.

• It won’t rust
• It won’t mark up your driveway
• It won’t tear up your grass
• It won’t tear up your paver bricks
• It will leave the gravel in your driveway
• It won’t break your back!
• It will save you time and money
Product Specifications
Blade Length: 49”
Blade Height: 19 ½”
Blade Weight without attachments: 26lbs
Box: 27 x 20 ½” x 16

Total shipping weight:
EZGO: 80lbs with Lift - 72lbs without Lift
CLUB CAR: 77lbs with Lift – 69lbs without Lift
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